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Alexander Roger Wolf

Alexander Roger Wolf is an actor, filmmaker and passionate sportsman. Born to German parents in Oakland, California, he grew up bilingually in the United States and Germany.

After successfully graduating with two diplomas in computer science and media studies, as well as founding and selling his own company in Germany and Spain, he devoted his focus on acting. He has acted in many German and international productions, and is one of the most booked commercial actors in Europe.

He also gives workshops „How to present yourself succesfully at commercial castings and in front of the camera“ and produces videos with his own Production Company „Oakwood Productions“. In his free time, he loves to do all kinds of sports and is an enthusiastic tennis player.

Hier gibt es einen vertiefenden Einblick in sein Schaffen…


2017 THE SAME SKY Nebenrolle Hauptcast, Netflixserie2017 Regie: Oliver Hirschbiegel                                                                                                                         2017 CORPORATE CANNIBAL Hauptrolle Webserie                                                                                                                                    2017 TV SPIELFILM Hauptrolle Werbung                                                                                                                                                    2017 WEBERBANK Werbung                                                                                                                                                                             2016 ERDGAS Hauptrolle tba Commercial Schweiz                                                                                                                                    2016 MOVIE DISTRICT Hauptrolle diverse Webchannel                                                                                                                             2016 WardamalPAARda?! Hauptrolle tba Webserie
2016 DÜNNES BLUT Nebenrolle Mehrdad Taheri KIno
2016 ELLA UND NELL Nebenrolle Aline Chukwuedo Kino
2015 COMEDY DISTRICT Hauptrolle diverse Webserie
2015 THERAPIE Nebenrolle Felix Charin Kino
2015 DER BERATER Hauptrolle Sebastian Mattukat webserie
2015 EVIAN „STAN THE MAN“ Hauptrolle Chris Hanselmann Switzerland TV
2015 ERWARTUNGEN Hauptrolle Sebastian Mattukat Kino
2015 KU’DAMM 56 Nebenrolle Sven Bohse UFA Fiction GmbH
2015 ROSA Nebenrolle Hansjörg Thurn ARD
2015 SOKO LEIPZIG Nebenrolle Sven Fehrensen ZDF
2015 BACK TO BACK (THE SAME SKY) Nebenrolle Oliver Hirschbiegel ZDF
2014 STAFFEL 4 – CHRISTIAN UND HERR WOLF Hauptrolle Cem B Mete Webserie
2014 AUTOBAHN Nebenrolle Eran Creevy KIno
2014 GUT ZU VÖGELN Nebenrolle Mira Thiel KIno (Komödie)
2014 BONNIES RANCH Hauptrolle Christian Meier Webserie
2014 LIPO Hauptrolle Christoph Urban Commercial Switzerland
2014 ORANGE Hauptrolle Hauke Hilberg Commercial Switzerland
2013 DIE SPIEGEL AFFÄRE Nebenrolle Roland Suso Richter ARD
2013 STAFFEL 3 – CHRISTIAN UND HERR WOLF Hauptrolle Cem B Mete Webserie
2013 WHISPER (Trilogy) Hauptrolle J’Kerry & J’Mcnamara KINO
2013 ERDGAS Hauptrolle Jonathan Heyer Commercial Switzerland
2013 BMW IAA i3 und i8 Moderation/ Protagonist Eva Wolf Hosting
2012 SPREEWALDKRIMI Nebenrolle Roland Suso Richter ZDF
2012 THE TIME ON EARTH Nebenrolle Werner Schumann Kino
2012 THE END IS NEAR Nebenrolle Rick L. Winters Kino
2012 GEORGE Nebenrolle Joachim Lang SWR
2012 AXXAMO Hauptrolle Simon Ritzler TV
2012 FOR THOSE WHOSE GOD IS DEAD Nebenrolle Jeremiah Mosese Kino
2012 RITTERSPORT Hauptrolle Gabriel Borgetto Kino
2012 10119 BERLIN – LEBEN IN DER MITTE Hauptrolle Friederike Nass, Cem B Mete, Christian Meier
2011 ALLES CHEFSACHE Nebenrolle Edzard Onneken ARD
2011 DIE VIERTE MACHT Nebenrolle Dennis Gansel Kino
2011 DIE ERMITTLERIN Hauptrolle Dominik Roth Kurzfilm
2011 10119 BERLIN – LEBEN IN DER MITTE Hauptrolle Christoph Kuchinke, Astrid Oberholzer Webserie
2010 FLEMMING II, FOLGE: TREPPE DER LUST Nebenrolle Bernhard Stephan ZDF
2010 KLASSENTREFFEN Hauptrolle Dominik Roth Independent
2010 CONTAINER Hauptrolle Jens Laser Independent
2009 JERRY COTTON Nebenrolle Philipp Stennert & Cyrill Boss Kino
2009 ABSCHIEDSTOURNEE Nebenrolle Alexander Pfander & Daniel Pfander Pfanderfilm/DVD
2009 SIND DENN ALLE MÄNNER SCHWEINE? Nebenrolle Sophie Allet-Coche SAT.1
2009 IN JEDER BEZIEHUNG Hauptrolle Thomas Vass RTL/Comedy Serienpilot/Biller & Vass TV
2009 DIE GRENZE Nebenrolle Roland Suso Richter SAT.1/TV – Mehrteiler/teamWorx
2009 AUF DEN ZWEITEN BLICK Hauptrolle Nicolai Zeitler Kurzfilm
2008 DIE B-PROBE Hauptrolle Christoph Kuchinke SAT.1/Kuchinke Productions
2008 112 – SIE RETTEN DEIN LEBEN Nebenrolle Nico Zavelberg RTL
2008 ENCOUNTERS Hauptrolle Samuel Starck Kurzfilm, DFFB
2008 MATAHARI PROJEKT Hauptrolle Thomas Huber Kinotrailer
2008 RETTE MICH Nebenrolle Lawrence Tooley Kino
2008 THE TREASURE OF QUEDLINGBURG Nebenrolle Christian Schwochow CBS television
2008 FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL Nebenrolle Alexander Gutzeit ZDF/Storyhouse Productions
2006 FC VENUS Tagesrolle Ute Wieland Kino
2006 BUSSIBUSINESS Hauptrolle Christian Asbach Kurzfilm

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