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How to present yourself successfully at commercial castings

Alexander Roger Wolf Alexander Wolf is an actor, presenter, and passionate sportsman. Born in Oakland, California to German parents, he grew up bilingually in the United States and Germany. After successfully graduating two diplomas in computer science and media studies and founding and selling his own company in Germany and Spain, he devoted in 2006…

Two Workshops in Munich 15.10 and 16.10.2016

Hello from München. Great Workshop again with lovely people and a fantastic Studio mit Schauspielern von der Agentur Martin Douglas, Stefan Voglhuber, Valentina Fabi, Christan Swoboda, Daniela Jürgens und thanks for the lovely cocoaching Andrea Auer und der tollen Constanze Müller . On day two mit Manuel Dragan, Thamara Barth und Emily Schmeller.…

First Workshop @SOHO House Berlin

I am delighted about the cooperation with the Soho House Berlin! See you there :-)

Coaching Workshop with Tim Garde

  I can highly recommend to visit a workshop with Tim Garde. I was there in April (Chubbuck and Choices) and July (Typisieren) More Infos  

Casting Workshop Stuttgart 23rd of Oct


Feedback Alexander and his workshop "" was a really worth while spend of time and money. He was super generous with his knowledge and experience, sharing freely and building the confidence and skills that have been lacking. Being new to this space, I have been seeking help like this to get it right but have not…

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops: Berlin: 21st of September @ Soho House Hamburg: 09th of October Stuttgart: 23rd of November Individual Coachings in Berlin on demand